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Intertraffic Awards 2022

Research, development and progressive insights are key elements to future proof your business and contribute to a sustainable mobile world. Intertraffic acknowledges organisations that innovate and differentiate themselves from the rest with the Intertraffic Awards. The entries which we received will be judged on originality, innovative value, practicality, sustainability, design, and proven technology.

The winners have been revealed!

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This award recognises solutions, products and working practices that are helping to create a sustainable transport system for the future. The winner will be making a positive contribution to reducing carbon emissions or cutting pollution, or perhaps will even have created a product or practice that enables a higher level of recycling or reuse than ever before. With transport producing around 25% of the world’s manmade carbon emissions, there is an urgent need for all stakeholders in the industry to focus on environmental concerns. This award will recognise the leaders in this field. Check out who won »


Creating hardware and software that is easy to use, easy to understand and easy to install is a challenge for technology developers across all industries. In transport, where speed and accuracy are not simply important but can also help to enhance safety, this need is perhaps more urgent anywhere else. This award will showcase the transport systems that break new ground in the way they seamlessly interface with their human operators. The winner might be the developer of an advanced piece of traffic or city management software, a consumer-facing app, or an easy-to-install camera. Whatever the winning solution it will enhance user experience, thereby bringing added value and helping to deliver a more streamlined and efficient transport system.

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sart mobility


Smarter communities rely on safe, durable, easy-to-maintain transport infrastructure assets and management tools as a foundation. This award recognises companies who have developed essential solutions while pushing innovation to the next level. Whether it be through enhanced performance, improved safety or greater efficiency, these new solutions are enabling government authorities and system integrators to set the standard for future mobility, while also empowering cooperation with an ever-growing network of stakeholders. Check out who won »

The Jury

Pieter Litjens

Director CROW,
Head of the jury

Adam Hill

Editor of ITS International

Jorrit Weerman

CEO Parking Network

Margriet van Schijndel - de Nooij

Program Director Responsible Mobility at TU Eindhoven

Tom Stone

Editor of TTi and iVT - Intertraffic World Magazine